RecipeTin puts all your recipes at your fingertips.

  • Store all your favourite recipes in the one place
  • Write your own recipes and add your own photos
  • Save recipes from any webpage with a tapii
  • View your recipes without an internet connection
  • Sync your devices
  • Organize, browse and search with ease
  • Share recipes by email


Import recipes and add your own

Import your recipes into RecipeTin whatever the format – documents, PDFs, emails, photos, images and web pages. You can even transfer in bulk using iTunes. Of course, you can type your own recipes in too.

De-clutter your recipe collection

Digitize your recipes by scanning or snapping pictures of your paper recipes. Then import into RecipeTin so all your recipes are in the one place.

Capture recipes from any website

Use the RecipeTin browserii to search for recipes on the web. Capture any webpage with the touch of a button. Bookmark your favorite websites.

View without an internet connection

We specifically designed RecipeTin so you can view your recipes anytime you want without an internet connection so you can access your recipes anytime, anywhere.

Wireless cloud syncing

Keep your recipe collection synced between your devices. You can wirelessly sync using iCloud or Dropbox. Both offer free storage up to a limit.i

Organize your recipes

Organize your recipes any way you want. Customize categories, rate your recipes, and pick your favorites.

Browse and search

Browse through all your recipes in RecipeTin. View recipes by categories, favorites, flagged or your own personal collections. Use RecipeTin’s powerful search and filter function to always find the recipe you’re after.

Share recipes