Backing Up Recipes to Dropbox

  1. Turn on Dropbox
    • In RecipeTin Settings, tap Sync Settings.
    • Turn Dropbox to the ON position. A message comes up asking to link to Dropbox.
    • Tap Link Now. This will divert you to the Dropbox screen.
    • Sing in to Dropbox account if you have not yet signed in. Then tap Allow.
    • You will be brought back to Sync Settings screen. The label at the right bottom should be showing ‘Unlink Dropbox’ which means that RcipeTin is currently linked to Dropbox.
  2. Select Sync Frequency
    • When Dropbox is linked, Sync Frequency options come up on Sync Settings screen.
    • As a default, Automatic only with Wi-Fi is initially ticked. You can change it to Manual or Automatic (Wi-Fi and cellular). Please note that Automatic (Wi-Fi and cellular) option could increase your cellular data usage.
  3. Initiate Syncing
    • If you selected Automatic in Step 2, syncing will commence automatically every 15 minutes. If you would like to start Syncing immediately without waiting for 15 minutes interval, tap Sync Now at the top right corner. Sync will commence immediately.
    • If you selected Manual in Step 2, you will need to tap Sync Now to commence syncing at the top right corner whenever you want to back up the data.
    • Once syncing is completed successfully, your recipes are safely backed up to your Dropbox.

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