Backing Up Recipes to iCloud

  1. Turn on iCloud
    • In RecipeTin Settings, tap Sync Settings.
    • Turn iCloud to the ON position.
    • If your device has not linked to your iCloud account, a message comes up asking to enable iCloud. In iPhone Setting>iCloud, set up your iCloud account. Return to RecipeTin and perform the above two steps.
  2. Select Sync Frequency
    • When iCloud is linked, sync will be set to automatic.
    • Since iCloud sync will use Wi-fi and cellular data if available, syncing could increase your cellular data usage. To avoid excessive data usage, disable cellular network usage when not connected to Wi-fi. Go to device Settings>iCloud>Documents & Data and turn off Use Cellular/Mobile Data to OFF position.
  3. Initiate Syncing
    • Syncing will commence automatically every 15 minutes. If you would like to start Syncing immediately without waiting for 15 minutes interval, tap Sync Now at the top right corner.
    • If you selected Manual in Step 2, you will need to tap Sync Now button whenever you want to back up the data.
    • Once syncing is completed successfully, your recipes are safely backed up to your iCloud.

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