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20 June 2014: App Store Pick: Best New Apps

We are delighted and honoured to have been selected to be featured in the App Store Best Apps (AU)! You will see RecipeTin app featured in the “Best Apps” section in the App Store on your iPhone, iPad and desktop.

This fantastic news was shared with us when we met with Apple. We got also got some great feedback and advice to enhance RecipeTin and we’re so excited about our plans. Stay tuned!

17 June 2014: Female Developers Who Are Changing the World

To celebrate women in technology and more importantly, to celebrate female developers who are changing the world one app at a time. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Nagi Maehashi from RecipeTin…

- Women Love Tech, Frederique Bros

28 March 2014: RecipeTin Organizes Your Recipes, Makes Importing New Ones a Snap

There are tons of apps to organize your recipe collection, but if you want one that makes importing surprisingly easy, RecipeTin is a new contender that lets you snap photos, or import PDF-printed versions of recipes you find on the web.

-, Alan Henry

13 February 2014: App Review: Organize and Manage Your Recipes

Do you find your recipes are disorganized and scattered in a number of places? Do you have a hard time finding the one you want when you need it? If so the RecipeTin app for your iPad may be able to solve this problem for you…..It’s all about making your life easier so that food preparation is a breeze and enjoyable.

-, Tonya Medeiros

16 February 2014: The RecipeTin App is the next generation of recipe storage

You know that big, messy folder that’s fallen behind the microwave that’s filled with all those recipe clippings you haven’t looked at since you ripped them out of an old, coffee-stained food mag four years ago? Well there’s now a modern-day solution for storing recipes that actually works – it’s called RecipeTin, and it’s the answer to your recipe clutter.

- Great Aussie Bites, Christina Whylie

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